Hearty life february 2017 edition by dr c raghu, interventional cardiologist


Dr C Raghu, Interventional Cardiologist – Hearty Life February 2017 Edition best cardiologist in hyderabad
Volume – 3, Issue – 02 b

Topics Covered

1. Carotid Artery Stenting

An 81-year male presented with a history of recurrent episodes of giddy spells and loss of consciousness over the past 3 months. He is a known diabetic, hypertensive, dyslipidemia and non-smoker. All his three ailments have been fairly controlled with medications. In the past he had an inferior MI 30 years ago and is on anti-platelets, telmisartan, Carvedilol, metformin and statin.

 2. Robotic Angioplasty – Telestenting

Robot assisted angioplasty has been developed to overcome radiation hazards faced by Interventional Cardiologists as well as to deliver a precise angioplasty to the patients. A remote-controlled, robotic-assisted angioplasty system (CorPath 200, Corindus) was developed to address some of the procedural challenges and occupational hazards associated with traditional PCI.

3. Cardiac CT – Present and future applications

Cardiac computed tomography (CCT) has rapidly evolved into one of the most versatile imaging modalities for evaluation of the cardiovascular system. Technical advances have led to substantial improvement in image quality while reducing radiation exposure and contrast dose. Even though 64-slice systems are adequate for most CCT applications, 256-slice and 320-slice systems allow full volume acquisition in one to two cardiac cycles with superior image quality while significantly reducing radiation dose.

4. Managing elderly with cardiovascular disease

Elderly people (75 years) are becoming a significant chunk of our patient population. Cardiovascular disease is common at this age and with progression of age they develop multiple issues such as diabetes, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, cataract, decreased mobility, cognitive dysfunction, memory loss etc.

5. Alcohol is it a cardiac Tonic?

Alcohol has been shown to improve levels of HDL cholesterol and thus possibly protect against heart attack. This was shown in certain observational studies and an example of poor evidence based medicine. The lay press often highlights the potential health benefits of alcohol consumption, and in fact, those who think alcohol is heart healthy, drink more.

6. Preventing exacerbation in Heart Failure patients by Vaccination

Heart failure (HF) is a chronic syndrome characterized by acute exacerbations. There is significant overlap between respiratory infections and exacerbation of underlying HF. Vaccination against respiratory infections in patients with HF could serve as a potential cost-effective intervention to improve patients’ quality of life and clinical outcomes.






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Copyright © 2019, Dr. Raghu. All rights reserved.
Designed & Developed by Deepak Kambhampati.

Copyright © 2019, Dr. Raghu. All rights reserved.
Designed & Developed by Deepak Kambhampati.